Misc. Codes

all fish “look” dead zombie
backround is now “space” space
backround is now a blank white screen void
Bubbles rise from the bottom of the tank B
changes Breeder fish’s birth noise welovebetatesters
changes preggo’s birth noise supermegaultra
displays time on tank time
tank backround waves wavy

Unlockable pets

Amp the Electric Eel Beat 4-2
Angie the Angelfish Beat 4-4
Blip the Porpoise Beat 3-4
Clyde the Jellyfish Beat 2-1
Final boss fight Beat 4-5
Gash the Shark Beat 4-3
Gumbo the Angler-Fish Beat 3-3
Itchy the Swordfish Beat 1-3
Meryl the Mermaid Beat 2-4
Niko the Oyster Beat 1-2
Nimbus the Manta Ray Beat 4-1
Prego the Momma Fish Beat 1-4
Presto-chango, tadpole extrordinaire Beat 5-1
Rhubarb the Hermit Crab Beat 3-5
Rufus the Crab Beat 2-3
Seymour the Turtle Beat 3-1
Shrapnel the Mecha-Fish Beat 3-2
Stinky the Snail Beat 1-1
Vert the Skeleton Fish Beat 2-2
Wadsworth the Whale Beat 2-5
Zorf the Seahorse Beat 1-5